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forsytesaga1967's Journal

The Forsyte Saga
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The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy and the 1967 BBC series it inspired
A community devoted to the 1967 BBC miniseries The Forsyte Saga (starring Kenneth More, Eric Porter, Nyree Dawn Porter, Susan Hampshire and Nicholas Pennell) and to the series of novels by John Galsworthy that inspired it. Anything relating to the series of novels or the television series, to the actors in it, or to the other people involved with it is fair game!

Note that there is already a community out there which covers the Granada adaptation from 2001-2002 starring Damian Lewis and Gina McKee (forsyte), so any discussion of that series in this community should revolve around its relation or lack thereof to the 1967 series or to the novels.

For those curious about the Saga, it consists of three novels by Galsworthy (The Man of Property, In Chancery, and To Let), as well as two "interludes" (Indian Summer of a Forsyte and Awakening). Galsworthy also wrote two sequel series, A Modern Comedy (focusing on Fleur Forsyte, consisting of The White Monkey, The Silver Spoon, and Swan Song, with the interludes A Silent Wooing and Passers By) and End of the Chapter (focusing on family of Michael Mont, consisting of Maid in Waiting, Flowering Wilderness and Over the River/One More River).